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Jus B'Gauze Offers Beautiful Cotton Clothing
More than eight years ago, Donna Milligan, owner of Jus B' Gauze in Burlington, saw an opportunity to bring something unique to Canada. The result is a shop that offers stylish women comfortable and colourful clothing with casual glamour and a flair for the lifestyle they lead. And now you can find her shop on-line.

The idea brought her out of retirement and back into the business world and according to Donna it has been very rewarding, including winning the Burlington Post's Gold Reader's Choice Award for Best Women's Clothing Store for FIVE years in a row - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

"When many people thought it was such a bad economic time for retail, I went with the feeling I had that this lovely clothing was what people wanted and they would buy... and they did."

Customers appreciate many things about Jus B' Gauze, including the comfort of the fabrics, great styles and festive colours.

And the staff at Jus B' Gauze work hard to ensure that you are a satisfied customer.
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Jus B'Gauze Reader's Choice Award
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